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Specialized 'Feeder Technology' know how for SPM Builders.
Wide Range of Accessories for Feeders.
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Auxiliary Hopper :
It augments holding capacity of bowl by 4 times & Allows the bowl feeder be utilized for error free feeding with highest possible feed rate. It also avoids the weight of components coming directly on the bowl, There by reducing noise level.
Magazine :
Inherent limitation of Bowl feeder is variation in rate of feeding and hence buffer zone to hold sufficient component is to be created in the form of magazine. The magazine could be gravity flow type with sufficient gradient or horizontal mounted on Linear vibrator.
Auto on/off :
Components received from bowl feeder is normally in excess of Machine requirement to avoid machine getting starved of parts. This excess supply of parts over fills the magazine. The feature of Auto on/off puts off vibrator when magazine is full & Restarts automatically when it requires.
Adjustable vibrator stand :
For effective working of Vibratory parts feeder, single column vibrator stand is Offered with delivery height adjustment of 1400+/- 100 mm so as to enable Parts to be delivered into a gravity Magazine chute. These stands are provided with 4 Vibration mounts which helps for level adjustment also.
Electronic Regulator :
ProdAid electronic regulators are compact & standardized for all Models of Drive units. It is essential part to regulate vibrations, but is having special features such as soft start, digital display, built in timers for sensor delay & restarting.
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